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Established in Vancouver, BC in 2013,
Dancinema is a fusion of dance and cinema
through productions, education and events.

Founded by Vancouverite Jen Ray, Dancinema has reached audiences across the world and been in active collaboration with companies and individuals across Canada and The United States.

Through Dancinema's workshops, screenings, film collaborations and partnerships, many have explored, 
expand perspectives, and enjoyed this hybrid language.

CASCADIA Dance & Cinema Festival's first iteration

was in 2016, with the goal to cultivate an interest
in and community of "Dancinephiles" who,
whether creators themselves or not,
can learn more about the infinite and impactful
ways in which Dance & Film combine.

For  more information on Dancinema,

CASCADIA Dance & Cinema Festival's parent company,

vist www.dancinema.co

For more information on Dancinema's
CAPITOL Dance & Cinema Festival, our American event,

visit www.capitoldc.festival.com

Want to schedule a workshop or discuss a collaboration?
E-mail jenraydancinema@gmail.com